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Which Casino will Allow USA Players Online?

When you search for “casino online” there are so many places that do not allow Americans to play for real money.
Overwhelmed by the options, most people begin search again with a different phrase like “usa casino” and find only Vegas based casinos.

The secret to finding the right type of organization is to search for a “USA casino bonus”, and the results will have codes for extra money on slots. Not only is USA allowed, but there are more literally more promotions than you could list in a small book. Two gambling birds with one stone! Friendly US trusted casinos and free chips for real money which is hard to beat. This makes most people click right away but there is a lot more to it than just instant play.

So how does a player decide which casino will fit their needs and what will ultimately be their best bonus possible for their first deposit? Simply searching will not be enough unless you have all day so I am going to break it down what to look for briefly.

A casino bonus gives the player free money that is in addition to their first deposit based on how much is deposited. These range in sizes and styles but essentially they give the players a little bit of an edge by providing a bigger bank roll than originally would have been used. More money means the ability to bet more per hand or wager more per spin on the slots without as huge of a chance to bust out.

Gambling is going to be just that, a risk, but some things can help increase a players overall payback and put some of the favor (odds) from the casinos back into the pocket of the gamblers. All of the following aspects are good things for a casino bonus and should be considered advantages for new players to get extra slots play.

300% – 400% with 35x wagering or less
50% – 200% with 25x wagering or less
A combination of percent bonus and free spins in most cases
A guaranteed free casino chip if you do not win
Bonuses with no rules to cash out

Generally speaking these features of free casino bonus money would allow for more play on average by giving more spins for the same amount of a deposit as well as giving the same amount of comp points that real cash would. Finally, they offer greater odds for winning on the slots than not using a bonus alone by a very small mathematical percentage in most cases. Here are some types of extra bonuses that would be considered very hard to win enough to actually cash out or that are just plain bad.

A max cash out term to withdraw
300% – 400% with 40x wagering or more
50% – 200% with 30x wagering or more
When the rules have something bad that could void your winnings

These aspects are not always the best choice as a first casino bonus because there are just better ones out there to start with. After a new player uses all the good codes he/she can find, then moving on to the ones that are not as good makes a lot of sense, especially when the deposits are small. Being cautious is smart, but they still give a lot of free spins and are close to decent odds most of the time.

High rollers should be even more careful when using a bonus. Since it is a percentage, the required wagering amounts to cash out can become very large. This huge amount of money can be good or bad depending, and the patron just needs to think about their strategy before gambling with real cash.