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What are the Best US Online Casino Bonuses

Should I take a variable percentage bonus like 400%, a fixed amount of free spins or a free chip as my casino bonuses?

There are so many different kinds of US Online Casino Bonuses it would be impossible to address all of them in just one article. So focusing on the three most common bonuses for US players makes the most sense as this should be an informative tool for new player and seasoned slot machine lover alike. We will break down the differences between them, the benefits of using them, and the overall value of the individual casino bonus compared to direct deposits with a focus on slots

Most casino bonuses are restricted to slot machine play anyway. After reading this you will have a greater understanding of casino bonuses in general and what kind of bonus is the best for USA players specifically.

Variable Percentage Bonus | the most common casino bonus

If you search Google for the term USA casino bonus the first, and for many players, the only bonus you will see if for a percentage increase of your first deposit to that particular casino. The high finance companies learned long ago that not all players are created equal in terms of the amount they will gamble in one sitting.

Providing the same value of free play to anyone who walked into the front door or who logged into the casino seemed unfair in the eyes of the management teams. Offering a variable percentage based casino bonus gives more money to the higher depositor and a good starting amount for any player.

At CBR we frequently find casino bonuses for new players around the 300% and 400% range. Reputable USA online casinos will offer these kinds of bonuses with restrictions a player has to meet before the casino will let them cash out the bonus, specifically a “playthrough” or “wagering requirement” that increases with the amount you deposit. Here is the break down of a standard, variable percentage casino bonus:

  • Largest bonus on average
  • The bonus is added to your deposit (e.g. 400% bonus: deposit $100 and play with $500)
  • The bonus increases and decreases with the amount you deposit to the casino
  • The wagering requirements to cash out also increase and decrease with the amount you deposit
  • It has the potential to offer the greatest amount of playtime
  • They are the best type of bonuses for high rollers but one should watch out for a maximum value limit (e.g. get 400% up to $1,000 max.)

A variable percentage bonus is by far the most common kind of bonus, but it is not the only kind available. If you search a little harder you will find that some casinos will offer US players the option of getting free spins for just becoming a member or by making a first deposit. They have a fixed amount of free spins but are they just as good as the more common variable casino bonuses?

Free Spins Fixed Casino Bonus | the new kind of bonus in town

I am a big fan of free spin offers as they are easy to figure out and feel like a lot of fun. New online casinos can offer a player a set amount of free spins on a specific slot machine. RTG casino just released this ability that BETONSOFT casinos have been using successfully for years and the premise is quite simple.

Deposit any amount, there is usually a minimum, and get a set amount of free spins worth real money, i.e. you keep the winnings from the free spins to play with. It is defiantly a plus for people with low bank rolls or USA players that have trouble transferring large amounts of money over their Visa cards because it is a set amount no matter how much you deposit.

  • Same size bonus size with any deposit while still producing different amounts
  • Low minimum deposits (e.g. 25 free spins $20 min deposit)
  • Very high bonus variance (e.g. it could be worth thousands or nothing)
  • Adds a gambling element to the bonus itself and, since the bonus is interactive, it is fun to play as well.
  • They are the largest possible casino bonuses if you hit a large win on your free spins
  • The rules of the free spin bonus can be very different than the usual percentage bonus (e.g. read the terms carefully)
  • Free spins are the best for low rollers

Very rarely, although it is a special treat, you can find a trusted USA casino that has an offer that combines a variable percentage bonus with a set amount of free spins. It is the best of both worlds and when you see this kind of casino bonus you should take it as it represents the best possible odds for a winning outcome at the completion of the requirements.