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How to Take Jackpot from Online Slots Bonus

So you have a good size bank roll and you are thinking about playing slots for real money. How do I know which one? Should I just take the biggest online slots bonus I can find? There are a few rogue casinos that may not pay you and here is how you can prevent that from happening to you.

These are questions my friends ask me all the time and there is no right or quick answer. Logic would tell you that using the largest deposit online slots bonus you can find will increase your odds of winning right? Of course you could deposit $100 in a casino with no bonus and hit a progressive jackpot immediately throwing my math and common sense out the window. But for the rest of us without that kind of luck it is not that simple unfortunately.

Most online casino goes are far too familiar with what a online slots bonus is and how it works, but there is little unbiased information for the new gambler. These eager new slots lovers are looking for the best no deposit bonus codes good for US players every day. They finding the biggest free chip so they can try to win real money online.

The lucky ones end up hitting a large jackpot only to find out they will only be paid a small percentage of their winnings. It’s the new players own fault for not reading the terms of the bonus even though the casino is just as guilty of intentionally hiding the rules in fine print.

Oh so that is what a max cash out is…I wish I read this before I dropped 2k at a rogue online casino.

Good, I’m glad you are learning and that is correct, most players do not want a online slots bonus that has max cash out or max withdrawal rule in it. Imagine spinning or new favorite slots and hitting something huge only to find out you can only withdrawal 10X your deposit. I would be so angry and I’m sure you would be too.

There are very few casinos that actually still use this practice as it is becoming better known in the general public. Regardless it still happens and if you ever see such a rogue casino practice you should stay away from that establishment for the most part

Always read the terms of your bonuses very carefully and you will find that reputable online casinos have very fair rules.

The only exceptions to the max cash out rules are with a no deposit bonus and with free chips. It would be unfair to allow someone to take home a million dollar jackpot with a free chip due to the sheer volume of people of people that play online alone so allowing a max cash out term with free spins is common practice and OK in my book.