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How to Play Slots to Get Winnings

The slots machine has several spinning wheels marked with symbols. Each time the handle is pulled, these wheels come to rest with a random selection of symbols.

The object is to earn money by hitting a winning combination on the pay line in the middle of the screen. Depending on the machine type, there can be up to 5 pay lines.

Some words about slots rules

As a matter of fact there are no real rules for slots, there is only action:

  1. Insert coins
  2. Pull the handle (or push the spin button)
  3. If the bells ring and lights flash you are in the money!
  4. If not, return to the step # 1

Since the rules are so simple, slots are very popular game for beginners.

  • It is just you against the machine
  • You don’t have to worry about rules and regulations
  • Other players will not laugh if you make a bad play

All they have to do is to drop coins and pull the handle trying to hit the jackpot by matching the highest paying symbols on one of the pay lines.

Coin Denomination

Slot machines come in different denominations. The most common are nickel, quarter and dollar but also there are penny, dime and 50-cent slots. For high rollers there are machines that take tokens as large as $500.

Of course, you should choose denominations according to your bankroll. If you have only $10 to spend play a nickel or quarter machine – your bankroll may not last long on a $1 machine.

Many machines also accept bills from $1 up to $100 so you will play off “credits.” This is the amount of money you’ve accumulated in the machine. For example, if you insert a $20 bill into a $1 slot machine, you will get 20 credits.

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If you put the same $20 into a five-cent machine, it will register 400 credits ($20 is 400 nickels).

Payoff Tables

Before playing always study the machine’s pay chart. It will tell you what the various payoffs are, and how many coins you must play in order to hit big jackpot payoff.

Some machines have “wild” symbols that substitute for every other symbol, while others have “double” or “triple” symbols that multiply the payoff when combined with winning symbols

When playing a multiple or progressive slots, always play the maximum number of coins.

Progressive Slots

A “carousel” is a group of slot machines in a casino, or even in different casinos that share a progressive jackpot.

A certain percentage of every bet goes to the progressive jackpot pool. It increases with the amount of play until it hits, then reverts to a starting amount and begins its cycle again.

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Quit playing Slots while you’re ahead

Slots are programmed so that the longer you play the better chance the casino will take your money. Remember, if you can leave with more money that you started with, even if it’s only 25 percent more, you’ve won.

Before leaving a machine, make sure you collect your accumulated credits by pushing the “cash out” or “collect” button.